Download: Summer camp toolkit for kids who learn and think differently

Summer camp can be a great experience for kids who learn and think differently. Camp can help kids develop social skills, build relationships, and gain independence. If you’re able to send your child to camp, use this toolkit to communicate with the camp and help your child prepare. 

Get to know me summer toolkitPDF - 110.9 KB

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DIY summer camp sensory kitPDF - 150.1 KB

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Use the “Get to know me” download to introduce camp counselors to three of your child’s strengths and challenges — along with three strategies to support your child. Print it, fill it out, and bring it to the first day of camp. You and your child can even fill out the card together. Or download it and send it to the camp ahead of time.

Looking for ways to help your child feel less overwhelmed at camp? Try the DIY summer camp sensory kit. Whether your child is going to day camp or sleepaway camp, use this packing list to help your child feel more comfortable at camp.

For more information on summer camp, listen to this episode of In It for tips from a camp director.


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