Disability Inclusion Basics: Free online training course

At a glance

  • Take these free online training courses to learn about workplace disability inclusion. 

  • The trainings are open to all who want to learn about disability inclusion.

  • Disability inclusion can build flexible thinking to help everyone thrive at work.

The pandemic has changed the world of work for good. Its effects will continue to play out in unpredictable ways for years to come. 

People and businesses are scrambling to adapt, but there’s no guidebook. The key to staying relevant will be to find new ways of thinking that will help you meet the changes ahead.

Disability inclusion = flexible thinking

Learning about disability inclusion can help. At its heart, disability inclusion is about flexibility. It’s about removing barriers to success. And with more change on the horizon, now is the time to find innovative ways to succeed and thrive at work.

To help you do that, Understood has developed two free online training courses. The trainings are open to anyone who wants to learn about disability inclusion in the workplace. Disability Inclusion Basics for General Staff and Disability Inclusion Basics for HR Professionals both cover the same initial topics, but the HR course goes more in-depth about topics relevant to people operations.

Baseline topics (both courses) include:

  • “Disability inclusion” in the workplace

  • Disability awareness

  • Disability etiquette

In addition, the HR course includes:

  • Accommodations and supports

  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

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