Download: IEP goal tracker

By Amanda Morin

Expert reviewed by Bob Cunningham, EdM

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Your child’s IEP includes annual goals. The school is required to update you on progress toward the goals. But may want to keep track on your own, too.

This IEP goal tracker can help you stay on top of your child’s IEP goals, present level of performance, and progress. It can also help you keep track of questions or observations you might want to raise with the IEP team.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to fill out this downloadable IEP goal tracker. (Most of it can be found right on your child’s IEP.)

  • The goals on your child’s current IEP
  • Your child’s present level of performance
  • The smaller steps (sometimes called benchmarks or short-term objectives) it will take to meet the goal. You can ask the IEP team, “What skills should I expect my child to be learning to make progress toward this goal?”

It’s important to gather information to help you keep track of questions you want to ask the school about your child’s progress. Collect work samples and progress reports. And take note of any difficulty your child is having with homework.


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