Download: Homework contract for your child

Homework can be a hot-button issue for both you and your child. Setting up a homework contract is a good way to defuse some of that tension and avoid homework battles. Here are two sample contracts you can download.

A homework contract is an agreement that outlines what you and your child will do to make sure homework gets done on time and well. It can help your child develop good study habits and become a more independent learner.

Homework contracts can also outline rewards and consequences for kids when they follow or don’t follow their part of the contract.

Download the homework contract

Homework contract for grade-schoolersPDF - 183.8 KB

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Homework contract for middle-schoolers and high-schoolersPDF - 145.2 KB

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You can tailor your contract to address your child’s specific homework challenges. For example, if your child struggles with time management, the contract can lay out what time of day the homework needs to be done.

Fill out the contract together to make sure your child understands what’s being agreed on. Revisit the contract as your child’s workload changes or if things aren’t working as you expected.

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