How to help your tween get the writing bug

Do you want your middle-schooler to love writing? Not all kids are going to love writing, but there are ways to get your child more excited about it — and even get the writing bug. Here are some fun ways to get started.

Movie scripts

If your child isn’t thrilled about writing stories, suggest writing a movie script instead. Movie scripts contain all the elements used in a story — like setting, characters, dialogue, and plot.

TV show recaps

Is your child an avid TV watcher? Put that interest to use and have your child write summaries of favorite TV episodes.

Song lyrics

Is music your tween’s passion? Suggest a topic and ask your child to write song lyrics about it. Or challenge your kid to create a parody of a popular song.

Newspaper or newsletters

Does your child always know what’s going on? Suggest writing a news story or newsletter to keep everyone in the loop about what’s happening.

Advertising posters

What better way to promote a favorite video game or sports team than to make a poster to advertise it? This helps tweens practice organizing and presenting information.


Does your child like to draw? Encourage your child to create a comic book, complete with heroes and archenemies. Plotting and dialogue are built right in!

Music reviews

Is your child more into listening to music than making it? Reviewing songs, albums, or concerts can help kids learn to write critically and convince others of their views.


Is your child web-savvy or interested in online media? There are lots of free tools that let you build your own website. Have your child set up a site dedicated to a passion, like basketball or animals, and write posts about it. Kids might get excited to see their words online.

Get more tips on how to help your child with writing. And if your child is struggling, learn why some kids have trouble with writing.


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