Learning and thinking differences that cause trouble with time management

Learning and thinking differences that cause trouble with time management. A girl looks at tablet on couch upside down with her dog.

At a glance

  • Some kids have a hard time developing time management skills.

  • Kids who learn and think differently may need extra help learning to manage time.

  • There are lots of ways to help kids get better at managing their time.

Kids don’t all develop time management skills at the same rate. Some kids take longer to develop skills like planning ahead and staying on top of things. Some kids may catch up with their classmates on their own. Others, like some kids who learn and think differently, need more support to manage time.

For instance, compared with other kids, it might take a child with three times longer to read a novel. And kids who are struggling in school may also feel frustrated about tasks that are challenging for them. This may cause them to procrastinate or put off doing things.

No matter what’s causing trouble with time management, there are ways to help kids develop this skill. Look for patterns in the things your child has a hard time with. Work together with your child’s teacher to find strategies to help.

With the right support — and lots of practice — kids can get better at managing time.

Key takeaways

  • Kids who have trouble with executive function often struggle with managing time.

  • Difficulty measuring and making sense of numbers can affect how kids manage their time.

  • Talk with your child’s teacher about what you’re seeing, and how to help.


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