How to rebuild self-esteem in the new school year

By Gail Belsky

The 2020–2021 school year was challenging all around. Now, many kids, families, and teachers may be coming into the new year feeling less prepared. And they may be less confident that they can do it well. 

Those feelings may be greater with kids who have learning or social challenges. Setbacks can feel like “failure” — for them and for the adults who’ve tried to help them thrive during the school year. And sometimes kids don’t notice that there are areas where they haven’t experienced setbacks. In difficult times, maintaining skills is something to celebrate. 

It’s common to have self-doubt when things are unpredictable, or when you face hurdles. But these feelings aren’t set in stone. There are many ways to regain confidence and self-esteem.

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    About the author

    About the author

    Gail Belsky is executive editor at Understood. She has written and edited for major media outlets, specializing in parenting, health, and career content.