Specialists who work with babies and toddlers

Several types of specialists work with babies and toddlers on reaching developmental milestones. Find out what they do and how they can help.

Speech-language pathologists

help with communication skills. They provide services to help with any delays in language, speech, beginning literacy, and feeding or swallowing.

Physical therapists

help kids improve their movement and gross motor skills. This includes addressing any problems with balance, strength, and coordination.

Occupational therapists

can help with fine motor skills, like grasping small objects. They also can help with cognitive, sensory processing, communication, and play skills. They may teach you how to adapt your home and teach your child feeding and self-care skills.


Psychologists and other family counselors help you with your child’s behavior, mental health, and learning. They help your child learn how to express and regulate emotions, form close relationships, and explore the world around them.


Nurses can assess your child’s health status and help improve it. They provide ideas for feeding, growth, and medical concerns. They can also provide medication or treatment prescribed by a licensed doctor.


Nutritionists look at and help with any problems with feeding or diet.


Audiologists test to see if your child has any hearing loss. If so, they can provide lip-reading training, hearing devices, or other services related to hearing and communication.

Social workers

Social workers may evaluate your child’s social and emotional development. They also help you find resources your child needs.

Developmental therapists

Developmental therapists (also sometimes called developmental educators) help design activities and learning situations to promote a child’s thinking and learning skills and social interaction.

Vision specialists

Vision specialists can assess problems with vision and teach eye exercises if needed. They refer your child for any needed medical or professional services.

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