TikTok creators show the “real” ADHD

Do you have trouble telling the trustworthy from the fake? Me too, and sometimes it helps when someone shows me what’s genuine and what’s phony, especially with my ADHD.

Not everything about ADHD on TikTok is accurate, but here are four ADHD creators who get it right. Speaking of which, this first TikTok can help you separate ADHD myth from ADHD reality.

OK, now you have an idea about the true habits of ADHD.

Watching that, do you know someone with ADHD? Are you wondering what their daily struggles or tendencies might be? Here’s a TikTok that might shed some light. 

ADHD can affect you in so many ways. These last two TikToks explain how ADHD makes people hyperfocus and have trouble connecting with others.

So, how was that? Feel like you understand a lot more about ADHD now, don’t you?

Maybe you can walk around your job or school and recognize certain tendencies in others. You might even be able to see some tendencies in yourself, and think about what that means.

Check out videos on how people found out they have ADHD. And read about how a young person got an ADHD evaluation.


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