Who’s on the evaluation team at your child’s school

Is your child being evaluated for services? Here’s a glance at who might be on the evaluation team and their role.


This can be the principal or the IEP coordinator. Administrators run meetings. They know what resources (including teachers, technology, and training) are available. It’s the administrator’s role to get the evaluation process rolling.

General education teacher

General education teachers share information about how things are going for your child in the classroom. They try out new approaches as needed. Then they report on what’s working and what’s not.

Special education teacher

Special education teachers observe your child in the general education classroom. They can do some testing. They work with the general education teachers to provide instruction. And they also share information on teaching techniques that could work for your child.

Parents or guardians

It’s your role to provide information about how your child is doing at home. You can share concerns and successes. You participate in reviewing test results and help create a special education plan.

School psychologist

School psychologists complete a full assessment of your child to determine eligibility for special education. They interpret results for the team and help set up a plan that works for your child. Psychologists also provide support for teachers as needed.


Specialists evaluate areas such as speech/language, motor, and everyday functional skills. These specialists can include speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, mental health professionals, vision and mobility specialists, and more.


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