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Introducing Understood Explains, Season 1: Evaluations for Special Education

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Listen to the trailer for Season 1 of Understood Explains, which covers the ins and outs of the process school districts use to evaluate kids for special education. 

Host Dr. Andy Kahn is a psychologist who spent nearly 20 years evaluating kids for schools. He explains each step of the process and gives tips on how to talk with your child along the way. 

Episode transcript

Lisa: By the time our son was in first grade, it was really apparent to us that something was off. Unfortunately, at that time, we didn't realize we had the right to request an evaluation. 

Andy: From the Understood Podcast Network, this is "Understood Explains." In our first season, we explain evaluations for special education. 

Over 10 episodes, we cover the ins and outs of the process that school districts use to evaluate children for special education services.

Keith: I would say yes, I am glad that he was evaluated. And I am glad that the diagnosis is there because you know, now, what you're dealing with. 

Andy: We’ll talk with experts about every part of the process, from the basics of an evaluation…

Julian: Really, the whole purpose of this is to understand where are the gaps? And where are the strengths? 

Andy: …to understanding the results.

Ellen: You don't need to know every single thing. What you need to know is why it's meaningful, and then where do we go from here?

Andy: We’ll also get tips for how to talk to your child every step of the way…

Amanda: This is not being done to your child, it's being done for your child. And I think that makes all the difference in the world.

Andy: Tune in to "Understood Explains," available wherever you get your podcasts.


  • Andrew Kahn, PsyD

    is a licensed psychologist who focuses on ADHD, learning differences, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, behavior challenges, executive function, and emotional regulation.

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