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Some kids have trouble with planning and follow-through. That can make it really hard to achieve personal goals. They might get the idea of the goal, but not understand the steps to get to the finish line.

Use this calendar to help kids stay on track with goals like getting to school on time or cleaning up their room.

How to use this goals calendar

1. Have kids decide on a goal for the month. This download includes 14 goals kids can print, cut out, and stick to the calendar pages. Each goal comes with a list of steps to get the job done. (You can also help kids create their own goals and steps.)

2. Attach the goal to the calendar page. Each month includes a blank space to the right of the calendar. Put the goal here.

3. Assign a color to each step in the goal. Give each step a different color by coloring in the circle next to it. For example, if the goal is getting to bed on time, kids might choose blue for finishing homework and orange for turning off electronics an hour before bedtime.

4. Use color to show the steps completed each day. Have kids add a dot (or dots) to show which steps they accomplished each day. Seeing the days fill up with color can help motivate kids to keep at it.

Want to see a filled-in example? Scroll to the last page of the download.

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