ADHD in middle school: 4 signs you might see

It’s common to start noticing signs of ADHD in middle school. It’s a demanding time for kids. Schoolwork gets harder and requires kids to be more organized. Social life gets more complicated, too. Here’s what ADHD can look like in middle school.

1. Always losing stuff

ADHD can make it hard for kids to be neat and organized. Your child’s room might be messy. Your child might not be able to find things. At school, your child might forget to bring the homework that’s supposed to be turned in — or not bring the right stuff to class.

2. Trouble finishing things

Kids with ADHD often have trouble with follow through. This isn’t because they’re lazy. Instead, their brain works in a way that makes it hard to get things done. Your child may start setting the table but not finish. At school, your child may do one side of the math sheet but ignore the other side.

3. No filter

Kids with ADHD might say things without thinking or interrupt a lot. They can have trouble putting on the brakes in conversation. Your child may say rude things to siblings or friends (and then feel really bad about it). Or your child might overshare with friends or classmates.

4. Trouble following directions

Kids with ADHD often struggle with following directions or doing tasks with more than one step. Your child is supposed to organize a drawer but can’t figure out how to do it. At school, your child may need to outline a book report but forgets key details about the book.

Explore more signs of ADHD in kids. And read about steps to take if you think your child has ADHD.


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