Assistive technology: Questions to ask the school

Kids who receive special education services and supports may get assistive technology (AT) to help them learn. Find out what to ask the school about your child’s AT supports so you can be a partner in finding the best tools for your child.

Kids who have an (IEP) or a sometimes need assistive technology (AT) to help them learn or show what they know. You and the school can work together to choose the best tool for your child.

Asking questions along the way can help. Here are some to consider. You can also download and print a list of these questions.

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Assistive technology and your child’s needs

  • How will AT help my child work around challenges and learn more successfully?

  • Which of my child’s strengths will work well with certain tools or devices?

  • What will be done to make sure the AT is included in my child’s regular lessons?

  • How will we know if AT is helping my child at school?

  • Will my child’s AT be reevaluated every year?

Assessment of assistive technology

  • Is there a qualified professional on staff who can assess tools and pick the right one?

  • If not, what outside professional will choose my child’s AT?

  • What happens at the evaluation and what will be included in the report?

  • Will my child be able to try out various tools and devices?

  • How long does it take to get the tools after they’re agreed on?

  • What happens if the selected device or tool isn’t meeting my child’s needs?

Assistive technology settings and situations

  • Who will train my child to use the tool, and who else will be trained?

  • When will my child use AT? Will my child be able to use it during tests?

  • Can my child use the tool at home (for homework) and during breaks?

  • Who’s responsible for maintaining, fixing, or replacing the device?

  • What happens to the tool if we change schools or if my child moves up to a new school?

By asking these questions, you’ll get information and position yourself as a partner with the school. Your questions might even help you get a more helpful AT tool for your child.

Learn about common AT tools schools use. Find out who pays for assistive technology.


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