Download: Summer reading logs

Reading logs are a simple way to manage summer reading assignments — for you and your child. Use these free downloads to help your child stay on track, see progress, and stay motivated.

Summer reading log for younger kidsPDF - 86.9 KB

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Summer reading log for older kidsPDF - 155.9 KB

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Summer reading assignments are often the last thing kids want to think about over the long break. Especially if they struggle with reading or focus.

Schools assign reading so kids don’t lose skills while they’re out of school. Younger kids may just be asked to read consistently over the break. Older kids may have more specific reading assignments.

Reading logs keep track of each time your child reads or is read to. They let your child monitor progress. They can help cut down on battles and reduce stress. Plus, you can use logs to help your child stay motivated to keep going.

We’ve created two free ones you can download — one for younger kids and one for older kids.

  • The log for younger kids has rows of stars to color in for each book read. (If your child reads half a book, you can color in half a star.)

  • The log for older kids has lines for the names of books and the time spent each day reading them.

Some kids are more likely to read or complete assignments when they get rewards. If you think a reward would motivate your child, talk with your child and add the reward to the log.

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  • Reading over the summer lets kids practice their skills and learn about new topics. Download a summer reading bingo board to encourage your child to read. Plus, get other tips to motivate reluctant readers.

  • Graphic novels are a good choice for struggling readers. They have less text than traditional books, which makes them less overwhelming.