Download: Summer reading logs and planners

Summer Reading Log for Younger KidsPDF - 30.7 KB

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Summer Reading Log for Older KidsPDF - 31.9 KB

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Summer Daily PlannerPDF - 44.4 KB

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Schoolwork is often the last thing kids want to think about over the summer. Still, lots of kids have assignments over summer break.

Schools (and sometimes families) assign schoolwork so kids don’t lose academic skills while they’re out of school. Younger kids may be asked to read consistently over the break. Older kids, especially high-schoolers, may have more complex assignments.

It can be tricky to stay on top of everything. Summer reading logs and planners can help.

A reading log keeps track of each time your child reads or is read to. It’s a great reminder to keep exposing your child to books over the summer.

A summer planner keeps track of your child’s assignments and activities. It can be a daily schedule. Or it can be a weekly schedule with to-do tasks to track long-term summer projects.

Some kids are more likely to read or complete assignments when they get rewards. If you think a reward would motivate your child, talk with your child and add the reward to the reading log or planner.

The planners include filled-out samples, along with a blank one for you to fill out with your child.

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