Escape from confusion dyslexia art

Have you ever been in a sea of confusion and chaos in everyday life? I have. It’s often my reality. Reading, writing, and even putting my thoughts into words can be disorienting because of my dyslexia.

To escape a world not designed for me, I have to be surrounded by art. Fully go into music or a film or podcast or painting — just something with no judgment. I curl myself into my art. 

This piece is about me coming into myself, wrapping myself up tight from the chaos. The colors and movement are so loud to me. The piece is meant to draw you in as the spiral gets more tightly wound, just like when I escape to the art within from the confusion of the world outside. 

Watch a video from a young adult explaining a simple breathing meditation that can help calm you down. Look at more dyslexia art from Olivia.


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