Organization printables to share with your students’ families

Download these free printables to help your students and their families get organized. They can help with morning routines and other organization challenges.

Backpack checklist for younger kidsPDF - 199.5 KB

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Getting — and keeping — a backpack organized is a huge challenge for many students. Help families turn a luggage tag into a backpack checklist that’s an easy, discreet tool to help students keep track of what they need to carry to and from school. Depending on what grade you teach, you may want to give families the version for older kids

Homework contract for grade-schoolersPDF - 183.8 KB

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For many families, homework can be a source of great frustration and tension. A homework contract can be a good resource for families who are looking for new ways to manage this challenge. It can hold everybody accountable for what they need to do to make sure homework gets done on time and well. A homework contract can help students feel proud of the work they do. It can also help students stay on track to complete work that meets the standards and expectations you set for them. Depending on what grade you teach, you may want to share the version for middle-schoolers and high-schoolers

  • Spanish PDF of homework contract for grade-schoolers

  • Spanish PDF of homework contract for middle-schoolers and high-schoolers

  • Understood article for families that explains how to use a homework contract

Getting ready for schoolPDF - 50.7 KB

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Getting ready for school can be challenging for some students. Picture schedules can help them follow these daily routines. For many families, these visual planners are easier to follow than written schedules. 

  • Spanish PDF of picture schedule for getting ready for school

  • Understood article for families explaining how to use this and other picture schedules 

Afterschool routinePDF - 45.2 KB

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Much like a morning routine, an afterschool routine can be challenging for some students to follow. Share this picture schedule with families to help students stick with a schedule for homework and other important activities. 

School communication logPDF - 125.9 KB

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Handing out a school communication log can help you encourage families to communicate regularly with you — and to let them know you welcome hearing from them. The log helps families jot down notes about important meetings, phone calls, emails, and other school-to-home communication. The log also makes it easier for families to keep track of who they communicated with and when — which can be especially helpful if their kids are struggling with academics or behavior. 


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