Surprising IEP and 504 accommodations for note-taking, assignments, and tests

Get ideas for unique accommodations from parents and caregivers in the Understood community.

Taking notes, doing assignments, and taking tests are hard for many kids who learn and think differently. There are standard school accommodations they might get through an or a to help. 

But kids may also get unique supports that fit their specific needs. We asked parents in the Understood community to share surprising supports in their child’s IEP or 504 plan.

Accommodation ideas from our community

“Letting me put a limit on the number of problems he has to do on each piece of homework. Then having him be graded on only what he completed.” — Vicki

“Oral questioning of incorrect answers on tests and quizzes. Our son takes tests and quizzes in a traditional manner. During the grading of the test, the teacher is required to check with our son privately on any missed answers. He gets a chance to explain or identify his knowledge. Then the grade is adjusted if necessary.” — Patricia

“Using the phone camera to take photos of notes on the board.” — Lynn

“The school calls/texts Mom if a form needs to be signed. The guidance counselor is stellar at making that happen!” — Jamie

“My son uses an erasable pen and circles answers in the actual test booklets for tests instead of bubbling in the answers or taking computerized tests.” — Debby

“My daughter’s study guide was the actual test, including the answers, given seven days in advance of the exam.” — Vicki

“Having an extra day to turn in missing work once grades are posted. Turning in his notes for a copy of the teacher’s notes. Using a laptop for written assignments, and emailing or posting to Dropbox pictures of completed assignments.” — Jo Ellen

“He can use his phone to take pictures of posted assignments and use a calendar/homework app to record dates immediately.” — Jeanette


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