What if I lose my cool or let my child down?

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Parenting was a high-pressure job even before the pandemic. Many parents now have the added role of teacher. They’re trying to help their child thrive at school and at home. And they’re worried about not doing a good job.

Some are afraid of losing their cool and having it impact their relationship with their child. Others worry that they can’t give their child enough time or support. 

Parents on the Understood team know what that’s like because they also have concerns about their parenting right now. Here’s what some of them are thinking:

Answer fromKristin J. Carothers, PhD

Answer fromBrian Smith, MA

I’m a teacher doing hybrid teaching, and I constantly worry that I’m not doing enough — for my family or for my kids at school. 

I’m worried that the amount of time that being a good teacher to my students takes, especially now as we plan face-to-face and virtual lessons, means that I’m missing the little moments in my own daughter’s life.

I want to be everything that my family and the kids in my class need me to be, but what happens when I fail?

Answer fromAmanda Morin

Answer fromJonathan Juravich, MA

Answer fromVanessa Bertone

If you have concerns about parenting during the pandemic, it can help to connect with other parents and caregivers with similar worries. You can find support and share ideas with other families on the Wunder app.


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