Dyslexia in high school: 4 signs you might see

Some teens who seem awkward or unmotivated may actually be struggling with dyslexia. It can affect a bunch of skills, from reading to understanding puns or driving a car. Here are some of the signs of dyslexia in high school.

1. Trouble expressing ideas

Dyslexia can make it hard to find the right words, develop ideas, and communicate them in a logical, organized way. Teens with dyslexia might stammer a lot or have trouble finding the right word to say. At school, this can look like difficulty expressing ideas — like making a point or supporting an argument.

2. Struggling with foreign language

The same issues that make it hard for kids with dyslexia to read and write in their native language make it even harder to learn a foreign language. High-schoolers with dyslexia might dread the school’s foreign language requirement and feel doomed by it. Teens with dyslexia may guess at what foreign words mean and how they’re pronounced.

3. Not getting the joke

Dyslexia can affect the ability to process all kinds of language. This makes it hard to understand humor and other tricky language. Teens with dyslexia might need someone to explain punch lines, especially when there are puns or hidden meanings.

4. Trouble navigating

Teens with dyslexia often struggle with spatial concepts and related things like driving and navigation. They might still confuse left and right. At school, that can look like trouble reading charts and graphs.

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