Stuck at home? 20 learning activities to keep kids busy

ByJulie Rawe

With many schools closed because of the coronavirus, you may be worried about keeping your child occupied in between distance learning classes at home — especially if you’re trying to juggle kids and work. To help with this, here are some learning activities that are simple and fun for your child to try.

These activities are free, except for the board games and some of the apps, and may even help your child keep skills up.

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  1. Download Reading Rockets’ five-day space adventure toolkit.
  2. Build emotional smarts with GreatSchools’ feeling words game.
  3. Download Common Sense Media’s apps to inspire outdoor play.
  4. Watch famous actors read kids’ books out loud.
  5. Use baking to help young kids work on math skills.
  6. Play animated math games for grades 4–8.
  7. Explore a world of wonders, like why cat don’t like water.
  8. Play a sci-fi game to develop ethical decision-making skills.
  9. Find science projects based on your child’s age and interests.
  10. Use “how to” videos to make things like time capsules, shadow puppets, and chocolate pizza.

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About the author

About the author

Julie Rawe is the special projects editor at Understood.

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