Study Finds ADHD Can Take a Toll as Early as Second Grade

can hurt a child’s social skills and schoolwork as early as second grade, according to a new study from Australia.

As part of the study, researchers tested nearly 400 school children at 43 schools. All the children were between ages 6 and 8. Some had ADHD. Others did not. But only a few of those with ADHD had actually received a formal identification before the study began. Researchers followed the kids to see the effects of ADHD on their school performance.

The results weren’t entirely surprising. Even at a young age, many of the kids with ADHD were having issues. As a group, they performed worse in reading and math and had more social problems with their peers. Interestingly, boys and girls with ADHD struggled about the same amount.

The Australian study is part of a long-term look at ADHD. It suggests that ADHD is often undiagnosed in young children. If you’re concerned about your child, you may want to keep an eye out for these signs of ADHD.

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About the author

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