Is Online Tutoring a Good Option for My Child?

By Jessica Millstone

Should I consider online tutoring services? Do any of these services specialize in helping kids with learning disabilities? How can I tell if the tutors have much training in these areas?

Jessica Millstone

Former Education Fellow, Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop

Online tutoring has become a popular way to help with homework or to supplement classroom learning. Many of these services can connect your child with an actual person at any time, day or night.

Online tutors use instant messaging, shared whiteboards and other tools to engage your child. Having information presented to them in different ways can be very helpful to kids with learning and attention issues.

Some online tutoring sites charge by the month. Some charge by the minute. These services can become quite expensive if used all the time. But a short stint of tutoring could help your child understand the key concepts she needs to master so she can move on to more difficult material.

Before you sign up for online tutoring, check with your child’s school. Some school districts offer free tutoring through online services. Many public libraries subscribe to online tutoring sites, too.

The big online tutoring services don’t specialize in learning and attention issues. But there are a few sites that do. There are also some teachers on mainstream tutoring sites who have experience teaching kids with learning and attention issues. You’ll just need to do some keyword searches to find them.

On-demand tutoring can be a valuable resource for kids who have trouble learning in a traditional classroom setting. If you can’t find an online tutoring service you like, flashcard-sharing sites and sites with educational videos can be useful alternatives. Tech Finder can fill you in on skillbuilding games and apps that can be a big help too.

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