4 ways I stay organized with ADHD

As someone with ADHD, I’ve always struggled with organization. Keeping track of my daily tasks and maintaining an organized workspace are often challenging. But while things still fall through the cracks sometimes, I’ve found ways to make organization easier. Here are four suggestions.

1. Make a to-do list.

Using a calendar or the notes app on my cell phone, I create a list of my responsibilities. In my experience, keeping the list fairly short makes it much easier to manage. And checking the list multiple times a day helps me keep track of my progress.

2. Declutter personal space.

Whenever I’m cleaning my workspace or bedroom, I sort out what can be thrown in the trash and what I can still use. Receipts and old papers often get mixed in with the important things, like bank statements and bills. Figuring out what you no longer need can help you keep your personal spaces neat.  

3. Use storage containers.

I use storage containers or bins to separate items based on their purpose and function. Think about the items in your room or in your office that can be sorted into specific categories. For example, a Bluetooth speaker can go in a bin labeled “Electronics,” along with chargers and headphones.

4. Pace yourself.

Getting organized can be overwhelming. And at times, it can feel like a huge undertaking. So, I find it helpful to break up tasks into “chunks.” It takes some of the pressure off and makes the job of getting organized feel much more manageable.

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