Can the School Make Changes to My Child’s 504 Plan Without Telling Me?


Yes. Legally, the school doesn’t have to tell you about small changes to your child’s 504 plan. It only has to tell you about major things, like if your child is being evaluated.

Most schools realize that keeping parents out of the loop isn’t best practice. So they will often tell you about any changes, even if it’s not required by law.

If you’re not being told, the most important thing you can do is establish good lines of communication with the right people at school. Figure out who is in charge of 504 plans and get on their radar. (If your child’s school is small, the 504 coordinator might work for the school district and oversee the plans at several schools.)

Ask for a meeting with the principal and the 504 coordinator. Here are questions you can ask:

  • How will I know if something changes in my child’s 504 plan?

  • How will I know if my child’s plan is being followed?

  • What are my rights if I disagree with the school about my child’s 504 plan?

Once you have these answers, start a conversation with your child’s teachers about the 504 plan. Ask them, “How will you implement the plan?” “Can we track how the plan is working over the next few months?”

If you’re not getting answers, you may need to advocate. Check out 11 negotiation tips to help get what your child needs. Learn about dispute resolution options for a 504 plan.


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