6 ways kids may like doing homework (that are perfectly OK)

There’s no right way to get work done — other than the way that works best for your child. From standing up to slouching in a chair, learn more about the different ways kids may do their homework.

Kids who learn and think differently may choose to do their homework in nontraditional ways. They may work in different places, positions, and environments, based on their needs.

Some kids may even like to work in different spots during one homework session. They might carry their school supplies around with them in a box or caddy.

Here are six examples of ways some kids like to do their homework — other than at a desk or table.

1. Moving around

Some kids, especially kids with ADHD, need to stand or move to use up extra energy. Moving around actually helps them focus.

2. Leaning on elbows

It may not look like a great position for concentrating. But leaning on elbows can provide sensory input for kids who seek it.

3. Wearing headphones

For some kids, headphones can tune out distracting noise. For others, music or other sounds add some needed stimulation.

4. Body doubling

Just like some kids need quiet to concentrate, others do better with people around. For kids with ADHD, it can be a form of “body doubling.”

5. Relaxing on the couch

Being relaxed doesn’t mean kids aren’t working hard. Lying on a couch or curling up in a chair may be more comfortable than sitting straight up.

6. Changing locations

Changing locations can provide a brain break when homework is hard or frustrating. It helps kids reset and get back to work.

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