Disability inclusion workplace assessment

People with disabilities should be an essential component of any diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative. But while 90 percent of companies claim to prioritize diversity, only 4 percent consider disability in their DEI initiatives

Disability inclusion is often left out. Or it’s added as an afterthought, without explicit actions or targeted plans.

Companies are more motivated than ever to make their workplaces inclusive for people with disabilities. But they may not always have the expertise or know where to start. 

A workplace assessment and action plan from Understood takes the guesswork out of creating an inclusive work environment for people with disabilities. Over the course of a few months, Understood will work with your organization to do an in-depth review of your workplace. We’ll take a look at all aspects of the employee life cycle through the lens of disability inclusion, including policies, processes, and practices related to recruiting, hiring, and onboarding.

Our assessment process is collaborative, personalized, and action-oriented. Often, assessments in the field of disability inclusion are self-led and self-reported. They tend to cover broad, high-level elements of a company’s practices. While these tools are helpful in providing a benchmark, they may not offer recommendations specific to your organization’s needs. 

Our custom assessment outlines clear, actionable steps for putting inclusive practices into place right away. We start with an in-depth analysis of your company’s practices and include input from disability experts at every step of the way. We take a comprehensive approach by reviewing company documents and interviewing key staff members. This helps us understand your organization’s culture and offer targeted recommendations — like how you can make sure employees feel comfortable asking for accommodations.

When our review is complete, your team will receive a detailed assessment report and action plan outlining a customized, easy-to-implement approach. Our methodology is evidence-based and comprehensive. It generates a clear path toward a more equitable and inclusive workplace for people with disabilities. 

We’ll identify areas for improvement that will have the most impact. And we’ll give specific recommendations for steps to take. We’ll also work with your company to put the recommendations into practice.

Some of the materials provided after the assessment:

  • High-level summary of critical findings

  • Detailed assessment report

  • Prioritized action plan

  • Summary of implementation steps

  • Assets (toolkits, guides, checklists)

Understood’s workplace assessment and action plan is ideal for any organization that wants to make sure that people with disabilities feel welcome and supported, and that all employees — whether or not they disclose a disability — have what they need to thrive at work. Because, in the end, an inclusive workplace supports ALL employees. 

Interested in more information about how to create an inclusive workplace? Email us today at workplace@understood.org.


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