Download: Bedtime checklists for kids

Bedtime checklist for younger kidsPDF - 113.5 KB

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Nighttime checklist for older kidsPDF - 67.5 KB

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Does your child’s bedtime routine seem to take forever? Do you feel like you have to drag your child through every step?

Bedtime routines are really frustrating for lots of families. You may wonder why your child refuses to wind down. But for some kids, it’s not about avoiding going to bed. They might be having trouble remembering and following the steps to get there.

That’s where a bedtime checklist comes in. Picture schedules and checklists can help kids keep track of and follow a routine. A checklist shows them what they need to do before calling it a night. It also helps them remember the order to do things in.

Download a checklist to help your child follow nighttime routines. One is a bedtime checklist for younger kids who need more guidance. The other is a nighttime checklist for older kids who are a little more independent.

You could even laminate your checklist and give your child a dry-erase marker to mark things off as they go.

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