Perspectives: How did you decide on a career path?

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When I was in high school, I had my heart set on becoming a nurse practitioner, and there was no way that you could tell me any different. Fast-forward to now and I’m studying public administration, and I am nothing short of excited.

More often than not (I’m speaking from experience), you start to feel that once your heart is set on one area of interest, then that’s the career path you have to follow. End of story.

But what happens when you realize, “Hey, I don’t think I really like this as much as I thought I would”?

Understand that there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind. I did. Here are questions I asked myself along the way to help me decide on my career:

  • Core values: What is it that you hold near and dear to your heart that no one could change your mind on?

  • Personality: The best way for me to figure this out was to take the Myers-Briggs test — and let me tell you, it was on point!

  • Your interests: This may sound cheesy, but write down what you like. Nothing too crazy, just a few notes about things that strike you and really engage you.

  • Explore: This is so important. Try to make time to shadow people with jobs that interest you and apply for internships.

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