Strengths chain: Hands-on activity to help kids identify their strengths

Learn how to make a strengths chain with kids. Download and print the worksheets, and watch a video demonstration. Get tips for how parents and teachers can use this activity.

To help kids thrive, recognizing their strengths is just as important as working on their challenges. Here’s a crafty way to identify kids’ strengths and connect them in a paper chain, or a “strengths chain.” Print the set of worksheets below and follow the directions.

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Video: How to make a strengths chain

Want a demonstration before you dive in? Watch the video below.

Directions for families

Make the strengths chain with your child. Working together will help both of you see your child’s strengths and how they link together.

Planning to do this activity with more than one child? Print a full set of worksheets for each child. They may have many of the same strengths.

Directions for educators

After your students create their own strengths chains, connect the chains to make one long chain to hang in your classroom. The activity can spark a conversation in your class about how everyone has strengths and challenges.

The completed strengths chain is also a visible reminder to your students that they all contribute to making the classroom community stronger. 

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