Understood Teacher Fellow Juliana Urtubey

Juliana Urtubey is the 2021 National Teacher of the Year. She is an educator at Booker Elementary School in Las Vegas where she co-teaches in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade special education settings. She also serves as an instructional strategist developing schoolwide multi-tiered systems of supports (MTSS) for academic, social-emotional, and behavioral interventions. During her 10 years as an educator, she has also been a special education teacher at Crestwood Elementary School in Las Vegas.

Juliana is a National Board Certified Teacher. She holds a BA in elementary education with bilingual education certification and an MA in bilingual special education, both from the University of Arizona. 

Juliana was a member of the inaugural class of Understood Teacher Fellows in 2018–2019. She continues to serve as a Mentor Fellow to other teachers in the fellowship program — guiding them on their own journeys to support students who learn and think differently.

She is a valued contributor to Understood’s resources for educators and families, particularly by sharing her expertise on building relationships with families of students who learn and think differently.

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