Watch the Video of the Sensory Path the Internet Has Fallen in Love With

A new, one-minute Facebook video of an adorable child using a sensory path has the Internet buzzing. Watch it here:

Holly Barker Clay, a special education teacher in Oxford, Mississippi, posted the video, which now has over 13 million views. It shows a boy walking, skipping and leap-frogging through a series of physical activities in a school hallway. It’s all part of a sensory path, aimed at giving proprioceptive sensory input to help kids stay calm and regulate their bodies.

In her post, Clay said she specifically designed the path for the hallway. “It’s used several times throughout the school day when a kid needs a break,” she wrote. “Or for when a kid can’t keep his wiggles still!”

Sensory walks can be part of a sensory diet, a carefully designed set of activities and to give kids the sensory input they need. These activities can be great for kids with sensory processing issues and , but all kids can benefit. And based on her own results, Clay says she highly recommends sensory paths for grade schools throughout the nation.

“By jumping, bending, and finally breathing, the sensory buildup is able to release,” she said. “All that built-up energy can be best utilized by their brain!”

Check out a one-page fact sheet on sensory processing issues. And try a sample sensory diet to help your child stay focused and calm at the right times.

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