Why Does My Child Have Trouble Reading Body Language?


Body language is an important way we communicate. We send a message whenever we fold our arms, roll our eyes, or take a step backward when someone’s talking to us.

Being able to reading body language is a skill. And like with other skills, some kids are better at it than others.

Kids have trouble reading body language for different reasons. Some miss these cues because they’re not paying attention. They may be easily distracted. Sometimes, being anxious can keep kids from focusing long enough to pick up the cues.

Some kids have trouble reading body language because they have a hard time with social skills in general. For example, they might also struggle to notice other people’s tone of voice.

Having trouble with these skills can have an impact on kids’ social life. But there are ways to help kids pick up on body language. There are even apps that help young kids improve social skills. Practicing the new skills a few times can help kids be better at using them.

If you know why your child has trouble with this skill, you can find the best ways to improve it. Talking to your child’s teacher is a good place to start.


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