NeuroEquity Fund

Accelerating equity-driven solutions so people with learning and thinking differences like ADHD and dyslexia can thrive, regardless of race, gender, or economic status.

What is NeuroEquity?

NeuroEquity refers to equitable conditions for neurodivergent people. This includes people who face multiple disadvantages based on other parts of their identity.

Kids who learn and think differently are:

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Why is NeuroEquity important?

Most kids with learning disabilities or differences can reach their full potential. But they need the right support. Unfortunately, students from low-income families and students of color are more likely to be underdiagnosed or overdiagnosed, and may not be able to get the resources and services they need. 

And while there are many conversations about difference today, learning disabilities are often excluded — even from conversations about disability. The 1 in 5 Americans — that’s 70 million people — with learning and thinking differences are often misunderstood, undiagnosed, and dismissed, and their differences are viewed as weakness.

What the NeuroEquity Fund does

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    Changing perceptions, building community

    Over the last decade, we’ve built and sustained an active community in the U.S. of 10 million individuals, families, and care providers. But this is just a fraction of the millions of people who need resources that only we can provide. Today, we’re on a journey to scale our impact. By 2030, we’re committed to expanding our reach so that 100 million people, including individuals with learning and thinking differences and their supporters, can achieve their goals with confidence and support.

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