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Jamie Martin

Assistive Technology Specialist, NEAT Center

Jamie Martin is an assistive technology specialist at the New England Assistive Technology Center (NEAT) in Hartford, Connecticut. He specializes in finding AT solutions for students and adults with dyslexia and other learning and thinking differences. Before joining the AT team at NEAT, he was an independent consultant. In that role, he traveled across the United States, working one-to-one with students, training teachers, and giving presentations. He has written articles on assistive technology for various websites. During his many years in education, he was an Orton–Gillingham language tutor before getting immersed in the world of assistive technology. With his understanding of how remediation and accommodation can work together, he developed a successful assistive technology program at the Kildonan School in Amenia, New York.

Martin enjoys sharing his knowledge of assistive technology with He also regularly gives presentations at education conferences, including the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) and the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).

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