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In It: A Podcast on Raising Kids Who Learn and Think Differently

Season 2

Tantrum...or Meltdown?

We’ve all seen it—a child falling apart in a store or at the park. In these moments, people often assume they’re seeing a tantrum. But it might be a meltdown.


ADHD in Black Children: “In It” With Dr. Tumaini Coker

What are the unique challenges Black families face when it comes to having kids with ADHD? What does it feel like to not see your family reflected in any of the resources designed to help?


This Is How We Make It Through

In an article for the New York Times, Andrew Solomon wrote, “The fact that you wouldn’t have chosen something doesn’t mean you can’t find joyful meaning in it.”


Why Let Your Child Fail?

Is it ever OK to let your child fail? It can be difficult to see your child try something and fail. But sometimes FAIL stands for “First Attempt At Learning.”


ADHD in Girls: Overlooked?

ADHD is just as common in girls as it is in boys. So why are girls diagnosed less often? And why do signs of ADHD in girls tend to get overlooked?


When Your Kid Is Hard to Like

Parents rarely admit it, but sometimes our kids are hard to like. If you’ve thought this before, know you’re not alone.


Let’s Hear From the Dads

What’s it like to be a dad who’s “in it”? In this episode, hosts Amanda Morin and Bob Cunningham take a moment to hear from and celebrate dads of kids who learn and think differently.


Season 1

When Gifted Kids Need Accommodations, Too

Meeting the needs of kids with learning and thinking differences can be a lot. Add giftedness into the equation, and parenting takes on a whole additional dimension.


Dyscalculia, More Than “Bad at Math”

When it’s time to split a bill or calculate a tip, lots of people confess to “not being a math person.” But when does struggling with math mean something more?


To Disclose…or Not?

Who do you tell about your child’s learning and thinking differences? When? Does the explanation depend on the situation? And how are you preparing your child to own those ongoing disclosure decisions?


The Legit Fear Behind “Please Don't Call On Me to Read”

Most of us can remember having to read out loud in class in school at some point. Maybe we felt shy or uncomfortable. But for the many students with reading issues like dyslexia, this experience can be downright scary. (No wonder they may conveniently opt for the bathroom pass during their turn.)


How We Deal With “Is ADHD Real?”

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about ADHD. The biggest (and perhaps most hurtful) myth of all? That it’s not a “real” condition.


Why We Cry in IEP Meetings

Anyone who’s ever sat in on an IEP meeting can confirm: When parents and teachers meet to discuss the needs of a child who’s struggling in school, emotions tend to run high


“In It,” a Podcast for Families of Kids With Learning and Attention Issues

At Understood, we’re lucky to hear your powerful parenting stories daily. The Understood Community is constantly buzzing with your experiences raising kids—triumphs, setbacks and everything in between.