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Join us for Season 4 of In It, a podcast about the ins and outs — and ups and downs — of supporting kids who learn and think differently. 

This season, host Gretchen Vierstra will be joined by a new co-host, Rachel Bozek, a writer and editor raising two kids with ADHD. Gretchen and Rachel will bring you parenting stories, tips, and expert advice from people who are “in it.” They’ll talk about everyday challenges, bust myths about learning differences, and dive into tough topics like bullying.

Season 4 starts Thursday, October 6. Subscribe now!

Episode transcript

Gretchen: From the Understood Podcast Network, this is "In It," a podcast about the ins and outs...

Rachel: ...and ups and downs...

Gretchen: ...of supporting kids who learn and think differently. I'm Gretchen Vierstra, a former classroom teacher and an editor here at Understood.

Rachel: And I'm Rachel Bozek, a writer and editor raising two kids with ADHD.

Gretchen: So first off, a big welcome to my new co-host, Rachel.

Rachel: Thank you.

Gretchen: And we are so excited to let you know that Season 4 of "In It" is just around the corner. Like always, we'll be bringing you stories, advice...

Rachel: ...and camaraderie.

Gretchen: From people who are in it.

Rachel: This season, we'll be talking to experts who can help us do some myth-busting around specific diagnoses like ADHD and dyslexia.

Gretchen: And we'll be hearing from people who've had to help kids navigate some really tough things — like bullying or getting ready for adult life.

Rachel: So, Gretchen, what are you excited to get into this season?

Gretchen: I'm really excited to hear from our families out there, our "In It" community, because families have tricks and tips and things to share. And just hearing each other's stories really helps us feel not alone. What about you, Rachel? What are you excited about this season?

Rachel: I'm excited to get into some of the things that I see come up in my own home and things that I've seen in homes of families that I know and people in our lives. And then also to get to know the "In It" community from this new seat that I'm in, which I'm really excited about.

Gretchen: Season 4 starts soon. Follow it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts to make sure you never miss an episode.

Rachel: And thanks for being in it with us.


  • Gretchen Vierstra, MA

    is the managing editor at Understood and co-host of the “In It” podcast. She’s a former educator with experience teaching and designing programs in schools, organizations, and online learning spaces.

    • Rachel Bozek

      is co-host of the “In It” podcast and the parent of two kids with ADHD. She has a background in writing and editing content for kids and parents. 

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      All our latest podcasts delivered right to your inbox.

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