Building self-compassion skills

Parenting is tough. And it can be even tougher when your child’s school struggles trigger your own big emotions. In this video, Dr. Monica Johnson talks about why it’s important to have compassion for yourself.

Listen as Dr. Monica Johnson explains why it’s so important — and so hard — to practice self-compassion as a parent. Get mindfulness tips to help avoid negative self-talk. And learn how to create your own “self-compassion statement.”

After you watch the video, check out these tips and resources: 

  • Try writing, recording, or drawing your own self-compassion statement. Pay attention to how it feels to do the exercise. What comes easily? What doesn’t? What kind of feelings does it bring up?

  • Make a list of practical workarounds for situations where you usually get stuck. For example, Problem: “I don’t like to talk to my child’s teacher on the phone.” Workaround: “I’ll ask them to communicate via email instead.”

  • Get more tips for letting go of feelings of parenting guilt and shame

This is the fourth episode in our Parenting Problems series. To start from the beginning, watch the first video

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