12 questions to ask the school about 2e students

By Amanda Morin

Expert reviewed by Mark J. Griffin, PhD

What do you need to know about how your child’s school supports gifted students with learning and thinking differences? One key question is whether the school is aware of the Department of Education’s guidance around supporting twice-exceptional (2e) learners.

See a list of other questions to ask the school below. You can print this list by clicking the view or download link below.

12 Questions to Ask the School About 2E StudentsPDF

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  1. How do you define a gifted and talented student?
  2. When are students screened for gifted and talented identification? What measures do you use?
  3. Do you have a specific program for twice-exceptional (2e) students?
  4. What type of instruction do you offer for 2e learners?
  5. Do you have teachers with training in teaching children like mine?
  6. What enrichment activities do you offer for gifted students?
  7. Do 2e students typically receive through an or a ?
  8. How do you offer emotional support to 2e students?
  9. What support do you provide for kids who are thriving in some areas and struggling in others?
  10. How do you propose to use my child’s strengths to work on challenges?
  11. Do you have any resources to help me learn more about how you support 2e students?
  12. How can I help you better understand my child?

About the author

About the author

Amanda Morin is the author of “The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education” and the former director of thought leadership at Understood. As an expert and writer, she helped build Understood from its earliest days. 

Reviewed by

Reviewed by

Mark J. Griffin, PhD has been a professional in the field of learning disabilities for over 45 years. He was the founding headmaster of Eagle Hill School.


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