Download: School contact lists

By Amanda Morin

Expert reviewed by Jenn Osen-Foss, MAT

Are you unsure who to contact at your child’s school? Knowing which staff member to contact can save you time and energy. Use these school contact lists to get organized.

Who to contact about different issues at school 

Who is the right staff member to talk to about trouble with field trips? Graduation planning? Discipline concerns? This download explains who to reach out to about different issues at school. Print this one-pager and keep it handy.

Who to contact about different issues at schoolPDF

Contact list for key staff members at your child’s school

This one-page download has spots for you to write down your child’s homeroom teacher, principal, and guidance counselor. It also has spots for other key staff members, like the school psychologist and student services coordinator. 

Contact list for key staff members at your child’s schoolPDF

Contact list for your child’s teachers

Older kids will likely have different teachers for each subject. Use this contact list to keep the contact information for all of your child’s teachers in one place.

Contact list for your child’s teachersPDF

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About the author

About the author

Amanda Morin is the author of “The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education” and the former director of thought leadership at Understood. As an expert and writer, she helped build Understood from its earliest days. 

Reviewed by

Reviewed by

Jenn Osen-Foss, MAT is an instructional coach, supporting teachers in using differentiated instruction, interventions, and co-planning.


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