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Fidgets, or sensory tools, can be helpful sometimes. But without guidance, kids can misuse them. Use this fidget contract to set rules on when and how your child can use fidgets.

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Fidgets, like squeeze balls or spinners, can be helpful tools for kids. But fidgets are supposed to be tools, not toys. Without the right guidance, they can be misused and become a distraction.

A fidget contract helps you give direction on how to use a fidget. It sets expectations about what the fidget is for. It also lets you and your child agree on when, where, and how the fidget can be used.

You can use this sample fidget contract as is, or as a guide to create your own contract for your child. Review the contract with your child on a regular basis to make sure it’s working. You can also share it with your child’s teacher and school to make sure they’re on board. If your child has an , you can share it with the IEP team, too.

Keep in mind there are many types of fidgets. What works for one child may not work for another.

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