Sample letter: Requesting your child’s school records

You have a legal right to see your child’s educational records. Many school districts have a standard form to fill out for requesting records. You can ask the principal or school secretary for it.

If the school doesn’t have a form, you can use this sample letter.

Sample letter: Request a copy of your child’s school recordsPDF

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Customize it with information about your child, and keep these points in mind:

  • If it would be hard for you to come to the school to view the records, add a sentence to the letter explaining why.
  • Ask the school to mail you a copy of your child’s records.
  • Be sure to specify where you’d like the copies to be sent.
  • You also can make a request via email. Sometimes that’s the quickest option, and it makes it easy to keep a record of the communications.

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About the author

About the author

Lexi Walters Wright is the former community manager at Understood. As a writer and editor, she helps parents make more informed choices for their children and for themselves.

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