Download: Sensory-friendly holiday checklist

Holidays can be hard on kids who have sensory processing challenges. Use this six-week checklist to help your child enjoy the holidays a bit more.

By Amanda Morin

Expert reviewed by Keri Wilmot

Updated November 9, 2023

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There’s a lot going on during the holidays. And many parts of it can be tough for kids who have trouble managing everything their senses take in.

Try using this six-week holiday checklist. It offers tips and strategies to help you and your child work around trouble spots — and maximize the joy of the holidays.

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About the author

About the author

Amanda Morin is the author of “The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education” and the former director of thought leadership at Understood. As an expert and writer, she helped build Understood from its earliest days. 

Reviewed by

Reviewed by

Keri Wilmot has worked with children, teens, and young adults for more than 20 years in a wide range of pediatric settings. Her teenage son has been diagnosed with ADHD.