Download: Log to find out why your child gets frustrated

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All kids get frustrated sometimes. It’s part of learning new skills, taking risks, and embracing new experiences.

But some kids get frustrated more often than other kids do. Their frustration might be related to a specific skill they’re struggling with, even if they’re not aware of it.

A log can help you look for patterns and figure out what’s setting your child off. It can help you understand (and avoid) your child’s triggers.

This log has three parts:

  • frustration tracker, where you can note when and where your child gets frustrated, along with signs of frustration that you notice. There’s also a spot to list outcomes and strategies. Be sure to note positive reactions your child has, too — like if your child quickly calms down or recognizes when the frustration begins.

  • frustration pattern finder, which can help you spot trends in your child’s frustration.

  • frustration outreach and support log to keep track of questions you want to ask other people who support your child — and the responses you get. This part of the log can help you brainstorm with your child’s teachers, health care provider, and coaches to find strategies.

Use the blank frustration log for your child. You can also look at the included sample frustration log to see what the log looks like filled out.

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