Skills that can be affected by dyslexia

Dyslexia doesn’t only affect reading. It can make a lot of things hard for kids and adults. Here are some of the other skills and behaviors dyslexia can affect — some of which may surprise you.

  • Understand and follow directions

  • Repeat something in the right order

  • Remember words, phrases, names, and directions

  • Find the right word to say

  • Pronounce words the right way

  • Tell the difference between words that sound similar

  • Learn and use new words

  • Spell and use grammar the right way

  • Rhyme

  • Stay on topic

  • Understand jokes, puns, and sarcasm

  • Speak or read out loud with confidence

  • “Sound out” and pronounce words while reading

  • Get and stay interested in stories and books

  • Understand what’s read

  • Understand word problems in math

  • Write letters, numbers, and symbols in the right order

  • Express ideas in an organized way

  • Listen and take notes

  • Interpret body language and other social cues

  • Make and keep friends

  • Express feelings appropriately

  • Tell left from right

  • Build self-esteem

Learn more about how dyslexia can affect social skills. And see how it all can play out for kids and adults:


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