Understood launches new podcast network with three podcasts: “In It,” “How’d You Get THAT Job?!,” and “ADHD Aha!”

More than 70 million people in the United States have a learning or thinking difference. But so often, people feel alone in these journeys. Understood wants to change that.

Today, Understood is excited to formally launch the Understood Podcast Network. The network will bring visibility to learning and thinking differences and help shift stigma through sharing personal experiences, stories, and perspectives to help people feel like others are “in it” with them — because they are

Access to information should embrace the diversity of learning. That’s why Understood is launching a podcast network that lets people engage in the way that works best for them. Listen, read the transcript, or do both as our experts and guests use storytelling and personal experiences to discuss what it means to have learning and thinking differences, whether it’s your child, a friend or co-worker, or yourself.

Through the podcast network, Understood is focusing on some of the most critical and common moments people face on their different journeys. Whether you’re a parent or caregiver who is supporting your child, someone who experienced the “aha” moment with ADHD, or a young adult facing the challenges and triumphs of landing the dream job, each podcast authentically speaks to you and to the millions of people going through each of these moments. 

Starting today and rolling out over the next week, the Understood Podcast Network will release the following podcasts: 

  • In It: Returning for its third season on September 23, the In It podcast is back and better than ever. Understood’s director of thought leadership and expertise and mom to kids with learning and thinking differences, veteran In It host Amanda Morin is joined by co-host Gretchen Vierstra, a senior editor at Understood, as they dive into storytelling and interviews. While the first two seasons of In It focused on the symptoms and details of learning and thinking differences, this season will focus on what it's like to actually live with a learning and thinking difference. Morin and Vierstra will talk to parents, caregivers, teachers, and kids, offering perspective, advice, and stories for and from people who have challenges with reading, math, focus, and other learning differences. Episodes will be released every other week. 

  • ADHD Aha!: A totally new podcast from the Understood Podcast Network, ADHD Aha! is a podcast where people share the single moment when it finally clicked that they or someone they know has ADHD. Laura Key, executive director of editorial content at Understood, is not only the host, but also someone who had her own ADHD “aha” moment. Tune in to hear about the unexpected, emotional, and sometimes funny ways ADHD symptoms surface for kids and adults. ADHD Aha! premieres on September 28, and new episodes will be released every other week.

  • How’d You Get THAT Job?!: On September 29, the Understood Podcast Network launches the pilot season of How’d You Get THAT Job?!, hosted by Eleni Matheou, senior user researcher at Understood. From a bestselling author, to a social studies teacher, to a seamstress and designer, hear how young people with learning and thinking differences found a job they love and how it reflects who they are and how they learn. New episodes will be available weekly.

Understood’s three podcasts, In It, ADHD Aha!, and How’d You Get THAT Job?!, offer expertise and real-life experiences to support neurodiverse individuals, parents, and caregivers. The podcasts bring new voices and perspectives you won’t hear anywhere else. 

Listen to candid conversations on topics that interest you — and stay tuned for more podcasts coming from the Understood Podcast Network. Listen along via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and other listening platforms. For more information visit https://u.org/podcasts. If you or someone you know wants to be a guest please email media@understood.org.


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