What pushes your buttons?

Your child’s school struggles can instantly take you back to the emotions you felt when you were in school. In this video, Dr. Monica Johnson talks about how to spot your “button pushers” or triggers.

Listen as Dr. Monica Johnson dives into the world of big emotions — and how to be more aware of what triggers them. Learn why understanding how to spot button-pushing patterns can help you slow down and find ways to help your brain take a different pathway. 

After you watch the video, check out these questions and tips: 

  • Taking time to consider what pushes your buttons can help you feel more in control. Spend a few minutes thinking about past experiences. For example, think of a time when you had an intense reaction to something your child was dealing with at school. Then, do a little detective work. Can you connect that situation to your own experiences at school? What do you think made you react so strongly?

  • Journaling, or writing things down, can also help. Try keeping a log of situations or experiences that bring up difficult feelings around school. Having a record can help you spot triggers. That makes it easier to feel more prepared.

This is the third episode in our Parenting Problems series. To start from the beginning, watch the first video. 

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