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Checklist: Signs of Dyslexia at Different Ages

By The Understood Team

When most people think about dyslexia, they think about struggles with reading. But dyslexia can also affect speaking, spelling and other skills that involve language.

This checklist can help give you a sense of whether your child might be showing signs of dyslexia. Keep in mind that many kids find out they have dyslexia in grades 3–5. But not every child who struggles with reading in these grades has dyslexia.

If you’re concerned your child might have dyslexia, you can print the checklist and talk with your child’s doctor or teacher about what you’re seeing.

If you’re not sure whether your child is showing certain signs or not, you may want to revisit this checklist after spending some time observing your child’s reading and language skills.

Signs of Dyslexia in Preschool
Signs of Dyslexia in Grades K–2
Signs of Dyslexia in Grades 3–5
Signs of Dyslexia in Teens

Learn more about dyslexia, including common myths about dyslexia. And get tips on what to do if you think your child could have dyslexia.

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