Why some kids talk nonstop

ByThe Understood Team

Lots of kids love to talk, especially young kids. If they’re excited about something, they might go on and on until somebody says it’s time to give it a rest. As they get older, kids typically realize that on their own. They notice that they’re talking too much, and they stop.

Being a talker isn’t always a bad thing. Talkative kids can be charming, funny, and interesting. But when their conversation is endless or happens at the wrong time and place, it can turn people off — especially other kids.

There are lots of reasons kids talk too much. They may just be passionate about a topic and want to share every single detail about it. 

Kids may also talk nonstop if they’re stressed out. They may not know how to calm themselves, so they talk and talk. Shy kids might get anxious in social situations. But instead of holding back and staying quiet, they might actually talk a lot.

Some kids have trouble with social skills in general. They have a hard time picking up on social cues like body language and facial expressions. So they may not notice how other people are reacting to their talking. 

Trouble with self-control can also be a factor. Some kids are impulsive and have a hard time putting on the brakes. They may struggle to stop themselves even if they know they’re talking too much.

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About the author

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Kristy Baxter, MA taught at the Churchill School, an independent school in New York City for children with learning disabilities.